Free Training

Monday June 22nd 11am (Pst)

Monday June 22nd
11am (Pst) 2pm (EST)

Learn How The Top Stylists Get Clients In Their Chair Without Ever Having To Deal With Annoying Instagram DMs


In this free training you will uncover…

Setting client expectations –

Asking the right questions to your clients or potential clients can make all the difference when it comes to setting the best expectations with them and meeting their hair goals

Social media –

We will talk about how you can use social media to connect with clients from all over and get them in the chair.

Customizable Questionnaire Forms –

We will show you a live demonstration of how to create your own questionnaire form and how easy it is to get started doing virtual consultations

Organizing clients in Forward –

The hardest part of managing clients over time is remembering what service you provided last time or what they were priced out. With Forward you can keep a client history that will help you keep track of every service you’ve completed with your clients.

You can’t miss this if…

You are a stylist that is wanting to grow their client base…

…And you are unsure how to connect with new clients.

Remembering every service you’ve provided scares you…

Hard to remember what you did for a client in a previous serivice? Forward will keep track of all your clients consultations so you can review price estimates and clients before pictures

You’re ready to upgrade your salon business to the next level…

…you want to work more efficently and spend more time behind the chair than behind the computer.

Hi, I’m Kelley

I’ve been working as a web developer for the last 7 years and have spent 3 of those years working in the beauty industry.

Working with a great team of stylists and salon owners to solve all kinds of problems. I am excited to share Forward with you and my hope is it will help you in your business. Especially during this hard time everyone is experiencing at this time.

-Co Founder, Forward Forms